The bulging, hairy section anatomically located on the upper part of the clitoris, covering the pubis area of the pelvis is called mons pubis. In some patients, especially with weight gain, subcutaneous fatty tissue in this area increases and sags down. This leads to a look that can be observed from the outside or over the bikini, and it can cosmetically disturb the patients. Monsplasty is the procedure of restoring the deformed anatomy of this area to its original state.

Who Is A Candidate For Monsplasty?

Any patient who is uncomfortable with this look can have the procedure. The surgery can be performed alone or in combination with another operation according to the patient’s needs. For example, it can be combined with tummy tuck or labiaplasty.

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How Is The Labiaplasty Procedure Performed?

If there is no sagging or skin excess in the mons area of the patient, only the subcutaneous fatty tissue is reduced with liposuction. If there is also skin excess or sagging, an incision is made on the caesarean section area and both excess skin and fat is removed while the deformity is corrected by lifting the mons. Surgery scar is designed to stay within the bikini line. Later, some measures are taken to make the scar invisible.

Recovery Tips Of Monsplasty

Patients are discharged on the same day or the following day. Light pressure bandage is used for up to two weeks. You can have a shower the following day. You can return to your daily life within the same week. Swimming is allowed from the second week. Sexual abstinence is recommended for a month.