Breast Lift

Breast Lift

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Breast lift surgery is the procedure of reshaping and uplifting the breasts pulled down by gravity due to a loss of internal volume and elasticity that usually occurs after pregnancies.

Who Are The Suitable Candidates For Breast Lift Surgery And Is There A Risk Of This Surgery?

Breast lifting surgery can be planned for any patient over 18 years of age who has no problem with anesthesia and has sagging breast tissue. If there is volume insufficiency in the breast as well as sagging, then silicone implants can be added in addition to lifting surgery and both lifting and breast augmentation can be performed in the same session.

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Can Breast Lift And Breast Reduction Surgery Be Performed Together?

The large breast is almost always saggy at the same time. Large breasts are not causing only cosmetic problems,  they are making also neck and back pain, depressions on the shoulders and bra strap and may cause hygiene problems at the fold. In such patients, breast reduction and lifting operations are performed in the same session and the existing physical problems are eliminated as well as with cosmetic improvement.

How Is Breast Lift And Pregnancy Correlation?

 In order to plan breast lifting surgery after pregnancy and delivery, it is necessary to stop breastfeeding at least six months in advance and not to have milk coming from the breast.

There is no obstacle in the conception of patients after breast lifting surgery. Because of the nature of pregnancy, breast enlargement and regression will occur and deformity may develop again, but it is not often expected to experience any problems with breastfeeding.

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Is Breast Lift Surgery and Post operative a Painful Process?

Postoperative pain is not expected to be very significant. The feeling of stiffness and tension is more prominent than pain. This feeling decreases significantly within a few weeks as the edema and swelling reduces. Pain that can be seen in the first few days after surgery is relieved with simple painkillers. After a few days, the pain and need for painkiller is significantly reduced.

Could Breast Lift Surgery Be Combined With Breast Augmentation?

It is possible to perform breast lift and breast implant surgeries at the same time in patients who desire enlargement as well as uplift. However, it is possible to have separate operations, too.

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Is It Suitable For Those Who Have No History Of Childbirth?

In general, this surgery is primarily recommended for patients who do not intend to conceive in the future. As each pregnancy may cause sagging and deformity in the breasts, revision surgery might be needed after pregnancy. However, surgery might still be considered in patients who have complaints and wish to eliminate this condition.

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How To Prepare Before The Surgery?

When planning this surgery, it should first be confirmed that there is no tumoral condition in either breast. Therefore, ultrasound and/or mammography is performed on patients and any condition that might be an obstacle to this operation is investigated. Apart from that, routine preoperative blood tests etc. are performed.

Does The Surgery Leave A Scar On The Breast?

Although it depends on the patient, operation is performed with a straight line that extends from areola to the crease under the breast. In rare cases, it also leaves a small inverse T or J shape on the crease under the breast. All scars are designed in a way to remain under bikini. These scars will diminish over time and become almost invisible with the use of some scar treatment measures and medications during the postoperative period.


Here Is The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

When Is It Allowed To Take A Shower Or Swim In A Pool/Sea?2022-08-18T11:58:30+00:00

Patients can take a shower after the second day of surgery and swim from the second week onwards unless an additional problem is diagnosed.

Duration Of The Surgery And Hospitalization Period2022-08-18T11:57:32+00:00

Depending on the degree of the patient’s complaint, operation time is 1.5-2 hours on average. Patients are often discharged on the same day or the following day.

Does Breast Lift Surgery Increase The Risk Of Breast Cancer?2022-08-18T11:56:48+00:00

Breast lift surgery is not linked to breast cancer in any way.

Can You Breastfeed After Surgery?2022-08-18T11:58:46+00:00

Problems relating to breastfeeding are not expected.

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