Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation2022-09-07T09:57:53+00:00

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Breast augmentation, also called “augmentation mammoplasty,” is a procedure to alter the female breast size, either to enhance the breasts’ aesthetic appearance or to reconstruct the breasts following mastectomy. It includes all the procedures carried out on breast that are, in the opinion of the patient, insufficient in volume and size.

Who Is Suitable Candidate For Breast Augmentation?

All woman who is 20 years old or older who does not have any obstacle for surgery, whose breast volume is small compared to normal body structure and wants to enlarge breast sizes could be evaluated for breast augmentation surgery. As a result of the evaluation, it is possible to decide to use which size of the implant with which incision and to put into which anatomic plan of the breast.

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How The Volume Increase Is Achieved In Small Breasts?

Although many methods have been described as a solution, the most widely accepted and applied method is to enlarge the breasts with tissue-compatible silicone prostheses. Apart from that, methods where artificial fillers and injection of adipose tissue taken from the abdomen or hips are also used.

Where And How Is The Implant Placed?

Location of the incision might be the crease under the breast (the inframammary fold), lower part of the areola, the armpit or around the belly button.

Depending on the examination results of the patient, the most common method is where the implant is partially placed under the muscle, inserted through the crease under the breast. Implants can be placed behind the breast tissue (subglandular), under the muscle membrane, under the muscle (submuscular) or partially under the muscle (dual plane).

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Can Breast Be Shaped With Breast Augmentation?

Preoperative breast structure and shape might be flat, slightly round, oval or tubular. Regardless of the pre-operative shape, a natural image with a tear drop shape is obtained when viewed from the side profile postoperatively. In order to achieve this, the size, shape, entrance incision, operation plan and surgical technique of the implants that should be used according to the needs of each patient. The aim is to achieve a natural result after surgery both in terms of appearance and sensation. Chest diameter, shoulder width, and breast base diameter are other determinant criteria.

Is It Necessary To Replace The Breast Implant? How Long Us The Life Of The Breast Implant?

When selecting the implant, it is important to note that there are internationally recognized compatibility certifications. In the old generation implants, implant technology was not developed so many years ago and it was recommended to replace the implants 10 years later. Since the implants used today are manufactured with more advanced technologies and their tissue compatibility is much higher, they can be used for a lifetime as long as they are under the control of the physician. There is no need to remove or replace the implant as long as there is no deterioration in implant integrity as a result of any serious problems, complications or sharp trauma related to the implants.

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Is Breast Implant An Obstacle To Breastfeeding?

In breast augmentation procedures with silicone implants, the implants can be placed in any plan below the breast tissue. In any case of which of the under the muscle or above the muscle plans, we do not interfere with the mammary glands that secrete milk during this procedure. In this way, since all the mammary glands are protected, it is not expected to experience any problems with breastfeeding. The contents of the silicone breast implant do not pass into the milk and do not harm the child. Therefore, breast implant surgery does not prevent breastfeeding.

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Is It Possible For The Implant To Deflate?

Damage, rupture or deflation is not expected after blunt trauma. However, injuries with penetrating or sharp objects may cause damage to the implant. In this case, the implant does not leak out of as the content is not liquid, but it would still be necessary to change the current implant.

Does The Surgery Leave A Scar On The Breast?

One of the most commonly used and most effective methods for breast augmentation surgery is augmentation surgery with silicone breast implants. It is possible to put this silicone breast implants into the breast through several different incisions. There are basically 4 different entries described from the armpit, nipple circumference, breast fold or navel hole. The most common method is an approximately 4 cm incision at the breast fold. As with all other surgeries, these incisions, which are slightly pink and red in the first few months, turn into skin color and become invisible with the support of some methods for scar maturation. It can be said that there will be no much visible scar after breast augmentation surgery.

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What Is Capsule Contracture?

The human body perceives any foreign object as a potential danger and wraps it in a protective capsule to protect itself. Therefore, the breast implant will be perceived as such, and the body will develop a barrier around it. This covering or capsule may thicken in some patients over time, may be felt by touch, and even in advanced cases, it may be visible when the patient is naked. Research shows that it is much more common especially in smoking patients. Therefore, patients must quit smoking at least two weeks prior to surgery. Quitting smoking, applying atraumatic methods respecting the anatomy during surgery, conducting good bleeding control, adhering to high-level sterility conditions, and performing proper massages afterwards minimize the likelihood of this condition.

Is The Postoperative Period Painful? How To Take Care Of Yourself?

During the first days after the surgery, gradually decreasing pain could be observed due to strain, especially when arms are moved. Within a few days, patients can return to their daily lives and start light exercises after the second week. Breast massage is recommended from the tenth day. Heavy exercises, especially those involving arms, should be avoided for about a month.

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Here Is The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

When Is It Allowed To Take A Shower Or Swim?2022-08-18T11:58:54+00:00

Patients can take a shower after the second day of surgery and swim from the second week onwards unless an additional problem is detected.

Duration Of The Surgery And Hospitalization Period2022-08-18T11:58:58+00:00

Depending on the method applied, the operation time is 30-40 minutes on average. Patients are discharged on the same day or the following day.

Is It Suitable For Those Who Have No History Of Childbirth?2022-08-18T11:59:02+00:00

Having no history of pregnancy or breastfeeding is not an obstacle for this surgery. There is no change in the amount of breast milk after surgery. The content of breast milk is not affected by the implant.

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