Get A Tighter Body With Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is a surgery that aims to restore the female body after pregnancy and childbirth.

This type of operation is meant to revitalize the body of a woman who has given birth. This operation can be done as a single surgery, or in multiple installments. A mommy makeover is used to address issues such as excessive skin, drooping breasts, abdominal separation and laxity in the pelvic floor muscles.

During pregnancy, abdominal skin and muscles expand, subcutaneous fat tissue increases, weight increases, breast volume also increases significantly. Weight starts to be losen with childbirth. The skin becomes smaller and firmer. Breast tissue gets smaller and sags with breastfeeding. With mommy makeover surgery we reduce fatty tissue under the skin, fix sagging and deformations in the breast, abdomen and trunk. Liposuction is applied to the body to reduce subcutaneous fatty tissue. Sagging in the abdomen is removed by mini or full tummy tuck. If there is asymmetry and insufficiency of the butt, more curvy shape  revealed by fat injection to the buttBreast enlargement, reduction, lifting or augmentation and lifting operations are performed according to the needs of the patients breast. In this way, all body deformations caused by pregnancy are fixed.

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How Is The Procedure Performed?

Mommy makeover surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Often, liposuction-assisted tummy tuck and breast reduction and/or breast lift are carried out in combination. Liposuction can be also applied in the waist and hip areas with fat injection to the buttocks.

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For Mommy Makeover?

The ideal situation is where patients reach their ideal weight after pregnancy and maintain it for at least six months. If they are breastfeeding, operation on breasts is delayed until six months after breastfeeding stops.

Can You Get Pregnant Again After The Surgery?

Preferably, patients are advised to undergo surgery at a time when they do not intend to conceive again. As each pregnancy will re-induce similar traumatic effects in the body, there is a chance that similar deformities will develop again. However, it is advised that the patients who had a tummy tuck should wait about 1.5-2 years before another pregnancy.

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Mommy Makeover Recovery Process

Patients are hospitalized on the day of the surgery. After the last consultation, tests and necessary safety precautions are taken, the operation is started. The operation may take about 4-5 hours depending on the combination of the procedure. Patients are mobilized just few hours after surgery. They are followed up at hospital for one or two nights. In the meantime, all treatments and care are performed by nurses and staff. The first check up is done in a few days after discharge. After the check-up, patients are recommended to take  shower and perform several special massages. Simple exercises such as walking can be done in the first week. Exercise capacity can be increased every day and heavy exercises can be done in 3-4 weeks. Compression garment is used for about one month. Most of the edema disappears in the first month. For total loss of edema, tightening of the skin and see the final result we need to wait an average of six months.

I had a ‘ Mommy MakeOver; Breast reduction / lift, 360 lipo, BBL and Full Tummy Tuck (muscle repair). My honest recommendation regarding my experience with ClinicWise (Dr Ersin) is very positive and yes, I would go back to them if I wanted further work done.

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How Long After Mommy Makeover Can I Get Back To Work?

The surgery takes about 4-5 hours with liposuction. We mobilize patients on the same day immediately after surgery. Early mobilization also minimizes the rate of serious complications. After two nights the patients are discharged from the hospital. Drains are removed within 2-4 days and the patient can then take  shower. We recommend to do several special trunk massages during the shower. In the meantime, we increase mobilization every day. During the first week, patients may do light exercises such as walking. Over time, they can exercise more heavily in one month by increasing their exercise capacity. Depending on the weight of the work, patients usually return to work in two weeks. For the first one month a compression garment is needed to use. Most of the edema and swelling decreases again in the first month. However, it is necessary to wait an average of six months to see the final result.

How Long Should I Wait After Giving Birth For Mommy Makeover And Can I Give Birth After Surgery?

It is needed to wait at least six months for any body contouring procedure after pregnancy and childbirth. In the meantime, the gained weight  with pregnancy is losen back, the enlarged and loosened skin tightens, contracts and shrinks. After than the surgery plan can be made to shape the body under optimal conditions. Theoretically, it is recommended not to conceive for at least one year after mommy makeover surgery. However, incidental cases that have undergone mommy makeover surgery and become pregnant before the end of one year do not have any problems with pregnancy.