Make The Buttock Lines More Prominent

While brazilian butt lift did not even have a name years ago, today it is a wildly popular one with high demand. It is basically a combination of two procedures:

  • Aggressive liposuction
  • Fat injection

Even though fat injection may seem more prominent among the two, this is a very common misconception. The procedure that provides the actual result is aggressive liposuction, while fat injection is just supplementary. High amounts of aggressive fat injection may lead to dangerous complications. Therefore, aggressive fat injection is not the main goal, but aggressive liposuction on the torso along with sufficient fat injection on the butt instead.

As the complication rates were relatively high in the past, liposuction procedure was performed in a more conservative and superficial way. Over time, with the significant advancement of technology and liposuction techniques, it has become possible to perform effective and aggressive liposuction and remove the subcutaneous fat tissue almost entirely in specific areas, under much safer conditions. Only after the mentioned “aggressive liposuction techniques” became possible that the BBL procedure started producing great results and got to be in such high demand.

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How Is BBL Surgery Done?

As in other operations, detailed medical background information is taken, and the body is examined in detail before the surgery.  Surgery is not recommended for patients with any condition detected in the medical background or examination which poses an obstacle. Then, the necessary tests are performed before the operation and if there is no problem in these tests, other measures (anaesthesia consultation, antiembolism sockings, prophylactic antibiotics, antiembolic medications, etc.) are taken. Patient is taken to the surgery after necessary drawings and photographs. Surgery is performed in a general hospital and under general anaesthesia.

The first stage of surgery is aggressive liposuction. Tumescent solution is injected to patient’s excessive fatty tissues through small punctures and aggressive liposuction is performed. Liposuction covers the entire torso all around and, if necessary, other parts of the body (arms, jowl, thighs, hips, etc.). Definition of back dimples (Venus dimples) at the back of the waist, and abdominal muscles (two pack) at the front is accentuated. The thickness of local fatty tissue is reduced with aggressive liposuction by 60-90% depending on the area, leading to a highly significant peripheral slimming on the waist. Waist curves are revealed much more clearly.

The second stage is the injection of the purified fatty tissue into the butt, to eliminate the deformity and flatness on the butt and the sides and to form a rounded hourglass shaped body. The necessary amount of extracted fat graft is injected into the fatty tissue between the skin and the muscle fascia, aiming to eliminate the existing deformity and insufficiencies. This way, the butt gets a more natural look with rounder lines.

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Important note: serious complications following fat injection are observed at a much higher rate in cases where it is performed intramuscular and / or in very high amounts. Therefore, intramuscular injections and very large amounts of fat injections should be avoided for maximum patient safety.

Pain And Recovery Process In BBL Surgery

Patients are mobilized a few hours after the operation and spend one night in the hospital. The next day, they are discharged after an examination and prescription. All drains are removed within 2-3 days. They may take shower after the drains are removed. Some special drainage massages are recommended during bathing. Severe pain is not expected after the operation. Existing pain diminishes significantly in a few days and during this time, patients are supported with strong painkillers. Patients may return to work after a week. In the early period (first two months), the area of fat injection must be protected from force and pressure, and it is recommended to use compression garments for about a month.

I am 2 month post op in BBL and I am so happy with my results so far. Dr. Ersin is a great surgeon and thank you so much for changing this body of mine and I am forever grateful for that.

How Can I Convert The Excess Fat In My Body To The Advantage?

Patients with subcutaneous fatty tissue distribution problems have regional fat excess in some parts of their body, while in other parts of the body there is insufficiency. The fat excess areas are usually tummy, love handles, sides, thighs, hips and arms. Insufficiency areas are several parts of the face, sometimes the breast, and more often the side and back of the butt. So, it is very logical to take fat from the excess regions and add to the deficient parts. While  BBL surgery, we perform 360 degrees aggressive liposuction on the trunk. We can also increase skin tightening by supporting the process with the vaser device. After some specific procedures on the suctioned fat, the prepared fat tissues are injected into the butt area which is inadequate, to reveal the body curves and We optimize the waist butt size ratio.

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What Is A Safe BBL?

The term of Safe BBL or safe Lipo is derived from the initials Separation, Aspiration, and Fat Equalization terms. They describe the procedure and process sequence during the surgery. Apart from these, different precautions are taken in order to perform safe surgery and minimize complications. First, the suitability of the patient for surgery is questioned. If there is not any problem in the medical history, necessary preoperative tests are performed. If there is no obstacle, the surgery is started by taking precautions for all complications especially such as infection, deep vein thrombosis and fat embolism.

Antibiotic prophylaxis is performed for infection. Anti-bleeding solutions and medications are used in order to limit bleeding. And  In order to prevent deep vein thrombosis, an appropriate position is placed during surgery, pneumatic compression stockings are worn, early mobilization is applied postoperatively and heparin is applied. In order to protect against fat embolism, fat injection is done with thick 4-5 mm diameter cannulas. Never inject fat into the muscle. Only fat is injected into the fatty tissue between the skin and muscle and if necessary, the location of the injection of the fat is confirmed by ultrasound device. In this way, in the safest conditions, the risks of complications are minimized and patients are operated.

When Can I Get Back To Work After BBL?

Patients are mobilized in a few hours after surgery. They  stay in the hospital for one night and are discharged the next day. Drains are removed in 2-3 days and patients can take a shower after than. Simple exercises such as walking can be done in the first week. Heavy exercise such as fitness can be done within 3-4 weeks by increasing the exercise capacity. If patients have not to stand for a long time during working or do not work very hard, they can return to work in an average of one week. If they are working in a heavier job, this period may be longer depending on the job. However, almost all patients return to work within two weeks at the latest.

How Long Does The Fat Injected With BBL Remain In The Body?

During the operation, viable fatty tissue cells are removed from one part of the body and transferred to another location. These transferred cells are intended to survive where they are injected. However, it is not possible for all injected cells to survive. The number and proportion of surviving cells may vary from person to person. This rate is around 50% on average. The cells that will disappear in the first two months disappear and after two months the remaining cells remain permanent for life. Therefore, we need to look after the injected fatty tissue better especially in the first two months.

How Long Is The Recovery Period After BBL Procedure?

Patients are hospitalized on the day of surgery. The operation takes an average of three hours time. A few hours after surgery, patients begin to walk and are mobilized. They stay in the hospital one just night and are discharged the next day. After about 2-3 days, drains are removed and body massage is started. Massage and shower are recommended one time in a day. Although there is some pain in the first few days, they are reduced after a couple of days. The need for painkillers disappears within an average of one week. Simple exercises such as walking can be done in the first week. Heavy exercise can be done in one month by increasing the capacity of exercise over time. One month use of compression garment is recommended. As with all other surgeries, regression of the edema completely, tightening of the skin and the final result occur after an average of six months.

How Long Will I Have Difficulty Sitting After The BBL Procedure?

Patients often have trochanteric depressions on the both sides of the buttock and insufficiency on the posterior upper part. The removed fatty tissue is injected into these areas. Especially Side and top of the butt. There is no significant fat injection on the sitting surface as it can sag the buttocks. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the side and upper back parts of butt that are injected with fat from pressure. For that reason, it is necessary to protect the butt from the pressure for approximately two months using BBL pillow without leaning back and both side. It is also beneficial to lie face down as much as possible, especially in the first two months.

Can The Fatty Tissue Taken From The Body Be Injected Into The Breast?

Theoretically, removed fat cells from the body can be injected into any body region that is  inadequate. Face, breast, butt and deformities due to previous injuries or surgeries are the most frequently injected fat localizations. It is not make sense to try to enlarge the breast with significant volume insufficiency by only injecting fat. Due to the small volume of the breast, the amount of fat that can be injected at one time is limited and the average half of the injected fat is lost. Therefore, in order to obtain sufficient volume, it is necessary to perform at least 2-3 sessions of fat injection every six months. This situation doesn’t make much sense. So, we inject fat into the breast as a supportive treatment more usually in patients who undergo breast implant surgery or in patients with breast deformity.