Project Description

What is non-surgical face lift and who is a candidate?

It is a minimally invasive technique performed as an outpatient with local anaesthesia by using threads with cones spaced along, which creates a lifting effect on the face. It can be performed on patients who have wrinkles, but without excessive sagging in areas such as the nasolabial fold, around the lips or neck. Surgical face lift is necessary for patients with severe sagging and excess skin.


How is the procedure performed?

Depending on the needs of the patients, the locations where the lifting effect is desired are determined and the procedure is planned accordingly. Local anaesthetic cream is applied to the area, and the procedure starts after the numbing effect occurs.


Post-treatment care

Following the procedure, you can immediately return to your daily life. Patients are advised cold application on the area. You may experience mild redness and itching for the first few days, but these are completely temporary. Lifting effect can be observed immediately after the procedure and this effect continues to increase for up to three months. This is because the materials forming the thread create a scar and increase the lifting effect. Lifting effect lasts for an average of 2-5 years.