Project Description

What is the purpose of face lift surgery?

With advanced age, sagging, accumulations and lines form on forehead, eyelids, face and neck area, due to loss of elasticity, subcutaneous fat accumulation and soft tissues giving into the gravity. This causes an old and tired look. Face lift surgery is performed in order to obtain a younger and more vivid appearance by correcting one or more of these deformities, depending on the patient.


How is the procedure performed?

Usually, general anaesthesia is preferred. The incision is made through the front part of the ear. Incision extends upwards to the scalp if the procedure is going to be combined with brow lift, or towards the back of the ear if combined with neck lift. In this way, scars are hidden within the scalp, in the natural folds in front of the ear and behind the ear. Skin and subcutaneous soft tissues are loosened. Liposuction is performed if there is a fat accumulation under the chin. If there is any excess in neck muscles, operation is carried out with 3-4 cm incisions. After lifting is completed in a way that eliminates problems on each area, excess skin is removed with the incision line hidden behind the ear. Upper and lower eyelid surgery, mid-face lift and chin reshaping can also be performed if patient needs.


Postoperative care

Patients frequently spend 1-2 nights at hospital. They can take shower after being discharged. Swelling will peak on days 2-3 and then gradually decrease to the minimum level on days 7-10. Usually, patients may return to work after the second week.