Project Description

What is dimple creation surgery?

Cheek dimples are dynamic hollow places that contribute to the facial expression of individuals in a very positive way. It shows up with a smile, and disappears when there are no mimics, which is the natural way. Historically, it has been considered a natural accessory and a decoration element in many cultures. Today, it still maintains its place and popularity. Patients refer to us with various demands regarding their appearance and we try to meet these demands as much as possible. Cheek dimple is perhaps one of the most interesting of these demands and we are able to respond to it.


Who is a candidate for dimple creation surgery?

This operation can be planned for anyone who is older than 18 without any problems obstructing local anaesthesia (additional condition, etc.). Anyone who meets these criteria can have a cheek dimple with a minor procedure without upper age limit.


Duration of the dimple creation surgery

Operation is performed under local anaesthesia in operating room conditions. As the entire procedure takes place inside the mouth, it does not lead to any incision or scar on the skin. It takes half an hour for both cheeks, and 15 minutes for one cheek. Patients can be discharged immediately after the procedure and there is no need for hospitalization.


Postoperative care

Patient is discharged immediately after the operation. In the first few days it is advised to have soft, liquid food, antibiotics and gargle and spray to prevent infection in the mouth. Pain is not expected. For the first few weeks, dimples are static, meaning that they are present with or without mimics. As the tissues heal within 2-3 weeks, a natural dynamic cheek dimple is formed which shows up when making a mimic and disappears otherwise.


Will it be necessary to repeat the procedure?

There are methods that have been previously used to create temporary cheek dimples, but they are not preferred today. Permanent results are achieved in proper conditions and experienced hands, and it is unlikely that surgery will be required again.


Will it affect my daily life?

Immediately after the procedure, patients can resume their daily routine. There is no need for any rest or recuperation time. It does not cause disruption for the business or social life of individuals


Can I have the dimple I desire?

As in all parts of the body, the natural cheek dimple has certain proportions and measurements. These proportions and measurements are important both to determine the shape and localization of the dimple and not to damage the blood vessels and nerve structures under the skin. When such dynamics and the cheek anatomy are not considered, there might be a risk of damage to the structures in this area. In experienced hands, this is considerably rare.


Where can dimple creation surgery be applied?

We mostly focus on cheek dimple here, as it is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about dimples. However, dimples and hollow places on skin might be present in different parts of the body, in different shapes. Back dimple, i.e. Venus dimple, is the most demanded after cheek dimples. In patients who had liposuction on the torso and waist, waist curve can be deepened to create dimples on the skin.


Is the postoperative period painful?

It is an extremely minor procedure and pain is not expected afterwards.


How is the procedure performed?

After the necessary examination and investigation of patient’s medical history, some simple laboratory tests are carried out if there is no obstacle for operation. If the test results are also normal, the cheek area will be marked, and the operation will take place from inside the mouth, under local anaesthesia without sedation, in operating room conditions.