Project Description

Who is a candidate for butt aesthetics surgery?

These (butt aesthetics) are operations performed for the purpose of correcting structurally droopy and flat bottoms or sagginess due to excessive weight loss.


How is the procedure performed?

Surgery can be performed under local anaesthesia with sedation or general anaesthesia. If the problem is not too severe in patients with deficiency of the butt tissue, augmentation is achieved with fat injection. If the patient does not want the risk of surgery and the deficiency is not very serious, the same result can be achieved with fillers that can last for 5-8 years. Placement of silicone butt implants under the muscle is recommended for patients with greater deficiencies. Since the implant is placed on the fold near the inner part of the butt, it does not lead to a scar visible from the outside. On the other hand, sagging caused by excessive weight loss is lifted with butt lifting techniques.


Postoperative care

Patients are discharged on the same day or the following day, and they can return to their daily lives within the same week. They should use compression garment for 2-3 weeks. Exercise is often allowed after the first month.