Project Description

Bichectomy is a structure consisting of fatty tissue that anatomically extends from the bottom of the cheekbone to the middle of the cheek. It is quite prominent in infants and undergoes atrophy with age. In some cases, it doesn’t shrink enough in some people, and although the person is not overweight, their face may look fat and round. Removing the bichat fat pad partly or entirely works significantly in minimising this overweight look on the cheeks.


As in other operations, general medical inquiry is carried out before the procedure, and after taking the necessary precautions, preparations are made if the patient is suitable for surgery. Procedure is performed under completely sterile conditions in the operation room, under general or local anaesthesia. It may be combined with other operations (nose, chin, eyelid, etc.). It can also be combined with fillers on cheeks, jaw line and chin as well as masseter muscle botox for a more triangular and  nicer looking face.


An incision of approximately 1 cm is made through the mouth and the operation lasts about 15 minutes. As no incision is made through the skin surface, it does not cause any scars. It does not require staying in the hospital; patients are discharged a few hours after the surgery and may return to their daily lives the next day. Heavy pain is not expected after the surgery.


Following the bichectomy surgery, patients are prescribed with the necessary antibiotics, painkillers and mouthwashes. Liquid and soft food is recommended for the first three days. Swelling increases during the first three days and diminishes within the days 7-10. Shrinking effect of the procedure completely manifests itself on the cheek between 3-6 months.