Project Description

What is Aquafilling?

Aquafilling® is basically a long-lasting filler that is compatible with human tissues. It is frequently used in breast enlargement, hip augmentation, and in the treatment of bow legs and body deformities due to other soft tissue deficiencies. Although the amount of the injected filler decreases over time, it has been shown that the effect lasts for five to eight years.


Who is a candidate for this method?

The filler is injected under local anaesthesia in operating room conditions, without the need for general anaesthesia. The patient is discharged on the same day. It is a suitable method for patients who lack volume in breasts, butt or legs, and do not want implants and surgical procedures in these areas or undergo general anaesthesia.


How is the procedure performed?

Under sterile conditions and local anaesthesia, injection is performed over the muscles and under the fatty tissue in identified areas. Procedure ends when sufficient fullness is achieved.


Does it leave a scar?

Since no incisions are made during the procedure, it does not cause any scars.


Follow-up after the procedure

The patient can resume their daily life the day following the procedure. With the swelling gone, the area takes its final form on the 7th day.